Rumor: Justice League Script Turmoil Began Before Whedon Arrived

The day before today, it was announced that DC chief innovative Officer Geoff Johns was stepping down from his role in an effort to cognizance on his innovative endeavors with Warner Bros. After assisting produce such films as the beloved wonder woman and the tremendously-divisive Justice League for the DC prolonged Universe, Johns is now set to pen the green Lanterns Corps script.

Following this news, Kyle Buchanan, the senior editor of Vulture, tweeted out some exciting tidbits of what he had heard during the production days of WB’s Justice League, revealing that the film’s script turned out to be already in trouble long before Joss Whedon was brought on-board to re-shoot portions of the superhero ensemble.

“I remember hearing that Geoff Johns rewrote a lot of Justice League whilst Zack Snyder was still directing that Chris Terrio could whinge “maybe *try* using some of my pages?”” Buchanan tweeted. It’s widely known that the DCEU movie went through a production, something which resulted in WB bringing in Joss Whedon to re-write the original script and shoot complete new scenes that ultimately ended up converting Snyder’s original vision.

WB became allegedly so unsatisfied with how the Johns/Snyder version became shaping up that they convened a photos summit for *different* writers which includes Joss Whedon, Allan Heinberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Andrea Berloff to offer remarks. Then they employed Whedon.

However, if this new rumor is to be believed, the issues began at the script stage. In a following tweet, Buchanan wrote “WB became allegedly so unsatisfied with how the Johns/Snyder version was shaping up that they convened a pictures summit for *other* writers including Joss Whedon, Allan Heiberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Andrea Berloff to offer comments. Then they hired Whedon.”

Considering the fact that Heinberg is the screenwriter behind wonder woman and Seth Grahame-Smith became at one point attached to the Flash movie, there might be some reality to this rumor. Zack Snyder had a clear plan for Batman v. Superman: dawn of Justice and Justice League, but after the disappointing reception of the former, WB attempted to route-accurately the direction of its cinematic universe. Of course, there may be no telling if the script Snyder and Johns had been working on turned into any desirable or bad. WB has history of interfering with the production of a number of its DCEU films, like David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Their disappointment with the script may want to truly be due to the bleakness of the script, something which was said to steer up to a more bright and hopeful Justice League part 2, once upon a time.

Next up on WB’s docket for the DCEU is James Wan’s Aquaman, which is about to hit theaters Dec. 21.

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