JAMB 2018: Experimented Tips On How To Pass JAMB Easily

JAMB 2018: Tips On How To Pass JAMB Easily
The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is an examination body that is mandatory for all students in Nigeria to take in order to gain admission into the Nation’s Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.
This post will be focusing on how to pass JAMB easily, if you read this post and adhere to it, I assure you that you will score over 200 in your upcoming UTME.
Most students have given up on JAMB maybe because they have taken it for over two times, but I assure you that reading (smart) will make the upcoming UTME the last UTME you will ever write, but that’s if you follow the tips I am about to give you right now.

Experimented Tips On How To Pass JAMB Easily

The tips I’m about to give you helped me to earn high JAMB score that makes my first encounter with JAMB a walk over for me and guarantee my gaining admission into two Federal Universities (I made choices on which one I went) in the midst of limited admission slots. I am very sure you can get more than that. The tips to pass UTME easily are below;

Use of JAMB Past Questions

I know you already know this but I have to tell you again that you shouldn’t joke with past questions. The real truth is that JAMB don’t have new questions anymore, all they do is just to recycle old questions which you can find in the JAMB past questions.
If you have studied the past questions, you will notice that there is always repetition of questions from the past UTME. This actually helped me to earn that high score, most of my questions were just familiar questions. All thanks to the past questions. So, my advise to you is that you should study JAMB past questions related to your subjects in toto. The earlier you start studying it, the better.

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Use of JAMB syllabus

Everything is all about smart work, it is no longer hard work (that’s not to say you can’t put in enough effort in studying…). The JAMB syllabus comprises topics and the exact part of the topics that you need to read to pass UTME. It is not that you should be reading every single part of your textbook when JAMB has given you an area of concentration.

You don’t have the syllabus? You can get it online for free. See JAMB Approved Syllabus for 2018

Remember that it is all about smart work, no longer hard work. If it didn’t work for me then I won’t be here giving you any tips.

Attend Tutorials

This also help in a lot of ways. You can never study alone you need to have a study group for easy assimilation. No man can be an island of knowledge. It’s now then on what you want, some go to tutorials and loose focus while some go to tutorials with the aim to pass UTME. The ball is in your court.

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Be time conscious

You should that UTME is 2 hours to answer 180 questions. You can see the time is so short, so you need to practice how to be time conscious which is very important. Remember the time is against you and it will determine the next one year of your life.

Practise Everyday

This is the last and most important tips, you need to practise to be able to pass JAMB easily. You can practice your textbook, past question and you can take online CBT exams.
Remember to practise everyday, you know, Practise makes Perfect.
Note: Remember there is no such thing as shortcut to pass UTME but if you can follow the tips I gave, I assure you with 200 and above marks this year.

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